Shooting Tips From The Legendary Dave Hopla (video)

Check out this video of the legendary Dave Hopla as he shares some of his best basketball shooting tips (link is at the end of the post).

He talks about the following:

  1. Practice form shooting.
  2. Confidence and Visualization are very important.
  3. You gain confidence through repetition.
  4. You should keep track of shots.  When you record your shots, this leads to you seeing that you’re getting better, and this leads to more confidence and success.
  5. You should always think you’re going to swish the next shot.
  6. Consistency is the mark of greatness.
  7. Target is on the center of the basket.
  8. Adjust the size of the ball and the height of the rim to the age and size of the kid.  Europe has done this for years.
  9. Best way to become a great scorer is to get time to get your shot off.  The best way to get time is to run through screens.
  10. Anyone can become a good shooter.  You need to challenge yourself, track yourself, and put in extra time.  Ray Allen comes to the gym four hours before a game.  Kobe Bryant is the first one in the gym.  Michael Jordan had the breakfast club.

For those of you who don’t know Dave Hopla, he is one of the most highly regarded shooting experts in the world. He has worked for and been consulted by numerous college and NBA teams.

If you ever get the privilege of attending one of his shooting clinics, you will be amazed.

He makes 98% to 99% of his shots while giving a lecture at the same time. It is truly amazing.

Dave Hopla also holds the world record for hitting 18 NBA 3-Pointers in 1 minute with 1 ball and 1 passer.

Dave Hopla talks about the importance of basketball shooting form in his video. Here are some more tips:

Fingertip Control

Use your fingertips to control the ball, not the palm of your hand.

Control the Ball With Your Shooting Hand

Your other hand is there for balance and support only.

Keep Your Elbow In

Your shooting arm elbow should be close to your body and lined up with the target.

Release and Follow Through

Focus on using your wrist to release, rather than your arm. Follow through with a flip of the wrist and spread fingers.

Target The Swish

There are differing ideas of where you should aim for but many agree that an effective method is to target the center of the circle. In other words the point the ball will need to pass through for a perfect swish.




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