Why Being Able To Dunk Is Not Only Awesome, But Will Help Your Team Win As Well

Jump Explosion logoPicture this:

There’s ten seconds left in the game and you’re dribbling down the court, just after grabbing the rebound of the opposing team’s failed three-point attempt. It was a far rebound, so you’re sprinting, trying to get to the basket before the other team can set up their defense.

It’s a little too late.

One of their power forwards has gotten a couple paces in front of you and is about to plant himself under the hoop, ready to scare you off.

But you’re not scared.

It’s a game of chicken, and you’re going to take him head on.

One stride. Two strides. And you’re in the air.basketball dunk

Next thing you know you’re on the ground, looking up at the power forward who didn’t even flinch.

And you’ve now been called for a charging foul and it’s the other team’s ball.

You could have made that basket, if you had been able to dunk.

Everyone knows that dunking is awesome.

Everyone who has ever played basketball has wanted to dunk. It looks cool. It’s fun. And it makes you the king of the playground.

But what most people don’t consider is how useful it is during the game.

The above scenario is just one instance where being able to dunk the ball could have changed the outcome of the entire play. Basketball games are won play by play. So every basket counts.

Being able to dunk gives you a deciding advantage over smaller players or players that can’t jump very high.

It will also help you draw more fouls from larger forwards and centers. Since dunking is such a high percentage shot, getting fouled usually means you’ll have a chance at a three point play. This can take you from an eight point deficit to only five.

Just like that, your team is back in the game.

If you watch professional basketball, you’ll notice certain teams tend to be much more energized than others. They’re running the court more. They’re playing at a faster pace. Their home crowd is going crazy.

These teams also tend to dunk more than others.

The crowd screams as soon as a dunk happens. This fires up the team making them play harder and with more intensity. What about a series of dunks? Even more fire and intensity.

Imagine if you were the guy to get your team going. It’s a good feeling, and it makes you play better as well.

While dunking is seen as more of a finesse move than anything else, it has really important effects on the outcome of the game.

Being able to dunk is awesome, but it will also help your team win as well.