Use The Correct Jumping Form To Maximize Your Vertical

No amount of training can compensate for incorrect jumping form.

These ridiculously easy steps will add multiple inches to your vertical, simply by changing the way you maneuver your body.

Maximize your training by maximizing your jumping form.

Step 1: Stretch

Stretching before you measure your jump or engage in physical activity can add an entire inch or so to your vertical. The most important muscles to stretch are your hip flexors. Your hamstrings, calves, and thighs should not be neglected either.

Step 2: Take Practice Jumps

You want to be warmed up before you attempt any serious jumping.

This is both to prevent injury and make sure you jump your highest when it counts.

When measuring your vertical, your third or fourth jump will typically be your best jumps. Do two or three practice jumps to warm up your muscles. This will add as much height as possible to your vertical jump.

Step 3: Skiing Position

Imagine you’re skiing downhill on a snowy day. This is the position you want to be in before you begin pushing off the ground.

Bend your knees to about a 90 degree angle (don’t go too far or it will actually decrease your overall power).

Then put your arms down by your side.

Be ready to swing them up above your head to provide extra momentum for the jump.

Step 4: Do Two Practice Swings

In order to do a practice swing, start from Skiing Position and swing your arms up while straightening your body, as if you were going to jump.

However, DO NOT leave the floor.

Come up onto the balls of your feet and then return back down to Skiing Position. That’s one practice swing.

Jumping Tip: Extend One Side of Your Body

When doing the actual jump (which is the next step) choose one side of your body and extend that hand as far as possible into the air while dropping the other side down.

This can add a few free inches to your vertical.

Also, look up at the hand that’s extending. This while pull the rest of your body up higher as well.

Step 5: Jump!

After doing your two practice swings, it’s time to jump into the air.

Immediately after your second practice swing, surge off the ground by applying as much force with your legs as possible.

At the same time, swing your arms up above your head, as you did in the practice swings. Once you leave the ground, extend one side of your body as far as you can. Finally, look up at the hand that is extended.

You have now used the correct form to maximize your vertical jump.