How Jumping Helps You To Win

Jump Explosion logoJumping is one of the key components to many athletic endeavors. Athletes in various sports need to run, catch, throw, hit, dive, and, of course, jump.

Basketball players need to rebound.

Volleyball players need to spike.

Long jumpers and high jumpers need every millimeter they can get to win their event, and Wide Receivers need to soar over Cornerbacks and Safetys to make the catch.

Every athlete can benefit from vertical jump training, but here’s how jumping higher in all of these sports will make you a better athlete:


No matter what position you play, you either need to be a giant or you need to have hops to be an asset to the team. Rebounding is the number one skill in basketball that requires you to have a high vertical

The higher you jump, the more likely it is that you’ll snatch the rebound. And the more rebounds you get, the more second-chance opportunities you’ll get for your team, the more transition plays you’ll be able to run, and you will cut down those opportunities for the opposing team, giving your team an deciding advantage.

And if you ever want to dunk, guess what, you have to jump high.

Basketball is the number one sport that requires a solid vertical jump.


Jumping is happening constantly in volleyball with just about every serve.

If you’re setting the ball, it’s not likely that you’ll need a strong vertical, but if you’re an outside hitter it’s essential to build this skill.

volleyball spike

Volleyball players

As a hitter, you get the best angle to spike the ball the higher you are above the net, and the only way to get higher over the net is to jump higher.

Whereas most tests will measure how high you jump from a standstill, you will want to work on your running jump.

Looking into and applying plyometric principles to your workouts will give you the added bounce you need.

Track and Field

It goes without saying that long jumpers, high jumpers, and triple jumpers benefit immensely from being able to jump higher.

Although long and triple jumping is measured by how far you can jump from a certain point, the higher you jump the longer you will soar through the air.

What you want is the perfect balance between how far you’re jumping and how high you’re jumping.

On the other hand, high jumping is all about your vertical.

You need a powerful burst of strength off the ground to arch your body over that bar. That burst of strength will come entirely from your form and from the training you have incorporated to build your leg muscles.


Wide Receivers and Tight Ends are generally the players that catch fly balls in football.

This would be a simple task if it weren’t for those pesky Cornerbacks and Safetys.

In many plays, what determines whether a player makes the catch or not is how high he jumps over the defender. This gives him an uncontested chance at catching the ball and making the play.

Football “combines” (or a period where players showcase their talent to prospective teams) are notorious for vertical jump tests, so a high vertical could make or break your chance at making the team.